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Occupational therapy services in-home + telehealth + community.

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Hi, I’m Holle Biggs. Founder, Your Path Therapy Service.

I’m an occupational therapist based in Albury who works with   NDIS participants and collaborates with educators in school and early childhood settings.

If you’d like to make everyday tasks easier and more manageable for yourself, your students, or a loved one, I’m here to support your path in a meaningful way.

Your Path Therapy Service


At Your Path Therapy Service, Holle is guided by the belief you never stop learning and play is valuable for everyone. As an experienced occupational therapist, her inclusive and flexible services are grounded in her broad knowledge, and centred around connection and her genuine care for people in Albury-Wodonga and the Riverina region.

In-home  |  Telehealth  |  Community

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Self- or plan-managed occupational therapy services for early intervention (under 7 years) and adults (over 7 years).

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Private health-funded occupational therapy services for early intervention (under 7 years) and adults (over 7 years).

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Professional development

Support and training for teachers and educators in school, preschool and childcare settings to help create an inclusive and accessible learning environment.

What is occupational therapy?

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occupational therapy in action: Holle assists a woman to prepare food.
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Occupational therapy is about helping people with physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges to lead more independent and meaningful lives. Through an individual assessment, an occupational therapist will prescribe targeted interventions, tools and strategies, depending on the specific goals and needs of a patient.

For Holle, who has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Charles Sturt University, listening and getting to know what’s important to each patient allows her to build a connection and develop personalised treatment plans. As an OT, she loves helping her patients feel well-supported and well-connected on the path to improved wellbeing.


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In this section, Holle answers the most frequently asked questions for occupational therapy and Your Path Therapy Service.

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